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  • Introducing TokenTact, the tool that let’s you buy and sell crypto on Binance, and many other exchanges automatically !

Introducing TokenTact, the tool that let’s you buy and sell crypto on Binance, and many other exchanges automatically !

See White’s Super Bowl coin toss prop play here since he’s banking on a recent coin toss trend. No prop bet is more of a 50/50 proposition than the flip of a coin, but the results haven’t been 50/50 historically. Tails has come up 30 times over 57 previous games, at a rate of 53%. Additionally, recent results also favor tails as it has come up in seven of the last 10 Super Bowls, including the Chiefs’ victory last year.

Backtesting a strategy requires a TradingView account, which is disappointing. It’s still very straightforward, and there’s a TokenTact tutorial video to explain it. You can select multiple TokenTact strategies directly from the TradingView menu, then test them against historic data from any crypto trading pair. As with life, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Anyone remotely familiar with home computers will be able to install both of these platforms and use the basic portfolio management functions. To get the best out of them, it helps to have a passion for trading bots.

Another essential aspect of assessing an automated trading strategy’s profitability is to account for trading fees. The default value is 0.1%, which is the base fee paid on Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange. Change the percentage to make it equal to your transaction cost on the exchange you will use to run the strategy. You can also adjust the allocation of your automated trading strategy with a few clicks using a Direct order. There is no need of accessing your wallet on the exchange to buy or sell coins as you can do that directly on TokenTact.

The rule spots the coins on a strong trend as their price could increase even more. For example, if you select a time-frame of 1 day, that means that the bot will calculate the indicator using a daily price frequency. Using as an example, the Moving Average (50) with such a time-frame will correspond to the average price of the latest 50 days. The customer support is very responsive and provides a handful of useful tips on how to get started. You can reach them using their built-in chat to get assistance in real-time, or posting a request via email or https://tokentact.co/’s social networks.

  • Both platforms are well established, professionally run, and I had absolutely no issues with operating either.
  • The current signal that the indicator is providing may not be confirmed at the end of the period.
  • With regards to payments, TokenTact processes your purchases by using Stripe, and transactions are marked as a Merchant-Initiated Transaction (MIT) by Stripe.
  • TokenTact stores the API keys in an encrypted form with dedicated private keys, which are generated for each user separately.
  • Unlike other companies
    we raised funds from MKB Bank and Angels.
  • However, that will not reflect the TokenTact net profit should the price change because the sale was made manually.

To access the success of a strategy will therefore require time and patience. For backtesting, however, you can employ third-party services such as TradingView. Giberstein, a Politics and International Relations graduate from London and Oxford, has also been in the banking industry for several years. Having worked with Citigroup London in multiple roles, including Chief of Staff to the bank’s Global Public Sector Portfolio Head, he left to pursue his startup ambitions. In 2016, he created Guidelighter, a P2P mentoring marketplace for professionals to share their business and personal experiences.

Morgan also points to Ripple’s Liquidity Hub, a tool aiding businesses with crypto liquidity needs. He raises concerns about whether the Liquidity Hub might be impacted by the new rule. The product connects entities with venues to source their crypto liquidity. Attorney Morgan questioned if Liquidity Hub would be affected by the new rule.


It is worth noting that TokenTact does not support backtesting directly on the platform. This means that the demo account runs on real-time price action data as provided by Binance. Add up to three conditions for each block, allowing maximum flexibility to achieve any trading strategy traders would need.

An unrealised profit or loss refers to trades that are still open, for example, coins bought and not sold or vice versa. It uses the current market price of that coin relative to the entry price as a reference. As the price of an asset fluctuates, the unrealised profit can change over time until the trade is closed. Therefore, your profits will not be secured (realised) until you close the trade and sell the coins you have purchased. TokenTact claims “You don’t need to be an expert to trade like one.” I would disagree, but they do provide some impressive tools for you to try. You can use their features to make your unique trading strategy come to life, or you can buy trading bots already configured.

Market conditions transform often so adjustability is an important requirement and Coirule is committed to stand the highest terms of any investor. In the demo exchange, you have access to a virtual allocation of 10 BTC and USDT that can be used to execute trades in real market conditions. Even if you decide to trade with coins that are not available in this allocation, you are free to adjust your allocations by placing direct orders for new coins. TokenTact is available to users worldwide and is not limited to specific regions. TokenTact’s accessibility extends to a global user base interested in cryptocurrency trading and automation. Taking your first steps into automated trading may be challenging.

The available rules, number of connected exchanges, trade volume, and access to trading templates vary according to the chosen plan. In total, https://tradecrypto.com/reviews/trading-soft-reviews/tokentact-crypto-bot-review/ offers four different account types to cater to a range of needs. TokenTact operates as a trading bot service platform designed specifically for cryptocurrency trading. There you have it—a comprehensive look at TokenTact, one of the best-automated crypto trading bots in the market today.

You can practice trading, create rules and become better at trading cryptocurrencies. The most significant drawback to using TokenTact is the lack of a mobile application, which the company is striving to remedy soon. You can use up to 40 template strategies, 7 demos/rules, connections to 2 exchanges and trader community access. These rules, which are typically derived from technical indicators, can be used to trade cryptocurrency directly from TokenTact’s platform.


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